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photo by Sandy Huffaker Jr.

Artistic Director -
(New West Electro-Acoustic Music Organization

Director of
Electro-Acoustic and Media Composition
Associate Professor of Music

San Diego State University

"Waters charts a course between Jazz, Electro and Avant-Garde Music that would sit comfortably within the ebullient pluralism of the Bang-On-A-Can Festival: the style the New York critic Kyle Gann calls Totalism." Lindsay Vickery on Flame Head — Australasian Computer Music Conference, Melbourne

"It's extremely virtuosic, like the roadrunner on speed. It's a bit like Bela Bartok if he wrote cartoon music." Jeffrey Payne on Kali Yuga — Fear No Music, Portland

"... Waters' music speaks directly to listeners ... stimulating, theatrical, chromatic, often songful, frequently fast and exotically colored." David Stabler — The Oregonian

"The second half turned darker... [Waters] uses the ... sounds of a cello to evoke the ghosts that beset the ... dream state. It is both an eery, unsettling work and a tour de force for cello..." James McQuillan on Kanashibari — The Oregonian

"... you'd think the man had the king's horses teamed to his chariot, so effortlessly do electronic elements unite with traditional, classical instrumentation." Bill Smith — Willamette Week

An active composer of acoustic, electro-acoustic and inter-disciplinary works, Joseph Waters belongs to the first generation of classical composers that grew up playing in rock bands. Many of his works explore live performance and cutting edge electronics. The performance elements include traditional acoustic instruments from around the world (such as compositions for the Chinese Zheng and Japanese Koto as well as traditional European instruments), electronics, "live" experimental film scores and performance art. He is composing an on-going series of duets for solo virtuoso acoustic instrumentalist with live electronic accompaniment as well as works for ensembles of all sizes — chamber to symphonic.

He has presented and performed his works in Russia (Alternativa Festival at Composer's Hall — Moscow Conservatory), China (International Computer Music Conference — Tsinghua University, Beijing), Spain (Festival Internacional de Musica da Cadiz — University of Cadiz), Hungary (Music of Our Century Festival — Budapest) and (International Summer Meeting of Electro-Acoustic Music — Nadasdy Castle, Sarvar), Mexico (Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro — Mexico City) Hong Kong (Festival of Chinese Arts — Hong Kong Cultural Center), Cuba (International Computer Music Conference — Habana), Argentina (Ensemble Rosario — Rosario), Australia & New Zealand (Australasian Computer Music Conference — Melbourne, Perth & Wellington) and throughout the U.S.A..